Leasing Division

If you are new to the rental process or simply unaware of all your options and what is available, contact Magellan®, Inc. Real Estate and Relocation and let us help you…

Research shows that at least 12% to 16% of tenants vacate annually and move to another rental community or into a new home. There are many reasons why people rent. Sometimes they are not yet in a position to buy or they find themselves in a unique situation due to a relocation, divorce or job lay-off causing them to seek temporary rental housing. Other times, they simply want the luxury of maintenance-free living allowing them the opportunity to spend more time traveling or simply enjoying their home not repairing or maintaining it.

Our goal is to facilitate and expedite the decision making process for our clients as to whether they should rent or own and move them quickly into housing best suited for their current lifestyle and pocketbook.

A unique Leasing Division dedicated to assisting and serving the public when it comes to making an appropriate decision to rent or own. Our Leasing Specialists can advise clients about the rental process and identify whether they should: 
     ● Remain where they are
     ● Relocate to another rental community 
     better suited to their needs and lifestyle 
     ● Own versus rent

Access to an exclusive database of rental communities so we can narrow the search time for an appropriate rental from months to minutes.

Licensed real estate agents to coordinate all the necessary details and assist our clients in selling their existing home, if applicable, so they can transition into a rental quickly and easily. 

Access to existing homes for sale and financing programs specifically designed for those who desire to own versus rent such as first-time homebuyers and those buyers requiring additional funds to purchase a home.

If you are new to the housing process and unsure of whether to rent or own or you are simply unaware of what is available and on the market, which has been delaying your decision, contact Magellan®, Inc. Real Estate and Relocation and let us help you…

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